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Why You Need to Use Trello to Deliver World-Class Real Estate Customer Service

You hear me talk about the importance of creating Raving Fans all the time. So I want to be clear on exactly how you do that. Trello is the powerful tool we use to deliver world-class service to our clients. Using Trello, we take complete strangers and turn them into Raving Fans for life. And that's because we're...

To Succeed in Real Estate You Have to Differentiate and Innovate

Does your team look at the home buyer side of the business the same way they look at the listing side? The majority of teams have been a little late to the game committing to creating a memorable experience for buyers. But just as we do for home sellers, we want to provide customer service beyond what our buyers could...

3 Steps to Providing World-Class Real Estate Customer Service

Somehow the real estate industry has missed what it means to work with clients at a high level. You know that you want to have a great experience when you go into a store or hire a service. But when I look around, I see that 90 percent of real estate agents are ill-equipped to provide the level of customer service...

How to Provide World-Class Customer Service to Home Sellers

Unlike home buyer client servicing, the current state of home seller client servicing in real estate seems a little more intentional. But unfortunately, I still see agents bringing very few elements of surprise and delight to their sellers.

Changing Your Mindset for Real Estate Success

When I first started my business I realized that the key to real estate success was me. I don't mean that I am a real estate prodigy, but rather that I was the only one who could determine my ultimate success or failure. If you're wondering how you can build a business that will serve you at a high level rather than...