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The Business Freedom Podcast

The Good, Bad, & Ugly: The Critical Mindset Shifts to Building a Business Worth Owning

Posted by Lars Hedenborg

For your business to reach its full potential, there are probably some unhelpful mindsets you need to do away with. What are some of the key truths you need to remember in your business? What is the most highly leveraged and dollar-productive activity you can do?

On this episode, I talk about the importance of getting rid of the limiting beliefs that affect your personal performance and the performance of your business.



Three Things You'll Learn

  • You must be creating new business everyday and protecting the time you dedicate to that.
  • Don’t add a lead source unless it can generate at least an additional 50 transactions within 12-18 months of having that lead source.
  • Teaching is a highly leveraged, highly dollar-productive activity..


There’s one question you have to ask yourself: If you had to replicate your business ten thousand times, how would you think about it differently? There are probably some mindset shifts you would need to make. Build repeatable and scalable systems, embrace the role of marketer in your business, have a system for creating business, and know your numbers. Ultimately, systems will always be the solution.

When growing a team there will be aches and pains, but why sacrifice your time longer than needed and in the wrong areas? REBS is here to help you grow, and grow your team, so you can get the true balance in your life back. Do you want help?

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