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The 3 Secrets of “Raving Fans” Customer Service

By REBS Team


The 3 Secrets of “Raving Fans” Customer Service

REBS Team    May 21, 2020



You know I love a good fable, and that’s why I think Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service by Ken Blanchard is the best book for illustrating how to provide a level of customer service that turns your customers into Raving Fans of you and your business. Even if your feedback is 10s across the board, you’re probably not providing world-class service to every customer, every time.

Decide What Your Organization Wants

Determine what sort of people-focused service your business will (and will not) provide. Then focus on how to maximize the customer experience within those parameters. Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes, from the initial meeting all the way through the process. Ask yourself at each step: Exactly what could be done at this stage to make the customer a Raving Fan?

Discover What the Customer Wants

But even as you come to understand the vision for your business and how to actualize it, you also have to understand your customer’s vision. Recognize that a customer is anyone who comes into contact with any aspect of your business. Listen to what customers say they want, whether they say it explicitly or between-the-lines. Give it to them, even if it means adapting your usual MO to get it done.

Deliver “Plus One”

To create a Raving Fan, it’s not enough to simply do the job well. You have to give a customer everything they want and top it off with a little more. “Deliver the Vision Plus One Percent.” To do this, your business needs a strong infrastructure—systems, processes and training, all firmly in place. Be consistent, but always be adaptable enough to change course if that’s what raving-fan-level customer service demands.

A Raving Fan will talk about their fantastic experience with you to everyone they meet. That’s the experience you want every customer to walk away with!

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Much Love & Respect,

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