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How Chris Snow and Terry Kelly Hire Right Fit Agents and Successfully Lead a Brokerage

REBS Team    June 12, 2018



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Here’s the full on-demand replay of our latest Live Google Hangout event, How Florida Realtors Hire Right Fit Agents and Successfully Lead a Brokerage with our special guests, Chris Snow and Terry Kelly.

Here are a few highlights of what we covered in the Hangout: 
(28 sec) REBS Introduction
(2 min) Chris & Terry’s Century 21 Introduction
(6 min) The REBS Accountability Chart
  • 2016 – Working 70-80 hour weeks between two companies trying to stay afloat.
  • Chris started up with The REBS System last year and had the “ah ha” moment that he didn’t need to work two full time jobs, there was a way to prosper and succeed with just one and less hours.

(14 min) REBS Organizes your business

  • The REBS Navigator
  • The REBS Drivers
  • The reason why you can’t take a break from your business and your working 7 days a week is because you are trying to manage and wear all the hats within your company.
  • REBS Organizes your business and focuses ALL aspects within your business & creates a successful structure for you and your team.
  1. Roadmap – a clear plan
  2. Marketing – attracting prospects
  3. Sales – converting leads to clients
  4. Operations –world class service
  5. Finance – track and quantity
  6. People – to execute the plan

(16 min) The First Three Steps.

  1. Hired an admin to create consistency and a plan moving forward.
  2. Reconnecting with their Database through the Vyral Marketing Plan.
  3. Started building out our buyer agent business by recruiting new agents.

(19 min) Tracking Profitability & Creating a Successful Business from the ground up.

  1. STOP SPENDING UNECCESARY MONEY (cut expenses down by $700 in the first month)
  2. Value Propositions
  3. Gross Margins
  4. Marketing
  5. People
  6. Fixed Expenses (overspending on office space, over paying brokers etc.)

(23 min) Recruiting, Multiplier Projects & Big Rocks.

  • 90-day world
  • Recruiting system
  • Onboarding system
  • Models

(29 min) Core Values / Pain Points

  • Coming to the realization that if your agents don’t share the same core values, you and your business won’t be capable of reaching its full potential and success.
  • When a good portion of your day is consumed by trying to fix other peoples issues and problems, it takes away your ability to have an impact on your business.
  • Your job as a team leader is to create a business that your agents can plug into and see ultimate success and happiness.
  • The more you work on your business – the better the outcome for you and your team.

(37 min) Transitioning from a Solo Agent to building a team
(40 min) Hiring Right Fit Agents
(45 min) Benefits after attending the REBS Intensive Workshops

A big thanks to my guests for sharing what’s been working from them  and how they've built their business to where it's at today.

I also want to thank our friends at Vyral Marketing for helping us put on the event. If you're looking for help with your database marketing, check them out.

Thanks everyone for attending and see you on the next event!

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