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The Best Way To Approach Real Estate Agent Accountability

By REBS Team


The Best Way To Approach Real Estate Agent Accountability

REBS Team    May 21, 2020



Real estate agent accountability is an important part of your success. This is the heart of your sales team. You may feel resistant to setting expectations with your agents. That's because laying down the rules ... and the consequences ... isn't always comfortable.

If you are constantly ONLY tracking your success by your results, you'll have a tough time running your business successfully. Accountability helps your agents work at a high level and gives them the value and freedom to know what they are working towards. In turn, you will have a business that produces real results and is worth owning.

Bottom Line … Activities = Results!!! Accountability is Love that EVERY Business Needs!


Set Clear Standards and Expectations

Most team leaders struggle with not being clear of the expectations for their sales team. You need to outline a clear path with standards for each type of sales team member and be there to help drive and coach them to achieve their expectations and goals along the way.

The first step is to make sure you have your core values identified that represent who your team is and what you stand for. I don't want to dive in too deep on this here, but if you don't know what core values are or how to use them to represent your team as you grow, click here.

The next step is to create your minimum standards that align with your core values showing how individuals will conduct business on your team. If you are a solo agent right now and don't have minimum standards for yourself ... how are you going to grow a business and lead by example when you bring people on to your team. You don't grow a business by delegating something you don't like doing ... that is a by product of showing another person to do the same thing at the highest level.

Let me ask you a couple questions. What makes your team stand out? What do you stand for as a team? (or what do you want these to be if you are just starting your team?) Can you answer these questions and can your clients and agents answer these questions? If not, you need to spend time identifying this.


Making Agent Accountability Easy

Once you have your core values, standards and expectations in place, it's time to focus on how to keep your agents accountable. There is not some super fancy software or magic pill to help keep agents accountable. It is only as tricky and complicated as you let it become. Here are a few ways to keep your agents on task and productive on a daily basis that will turn results for you and them quarter after quarter.

1) Agent Performance Agreement:
This is a productivity tool your agents NEED to use on a daily basis. Accountability and activity tracking are a necessary piece of your Outside Sales Agent Agreement. This is where you get a commitment to the activity program from your agents. All you need is a simple spreadsheet with columns showing monthly activity stats. This alone will keep your agents productive to hit their numbers. Let's take a look at the Agent Performance Agreement a bit closer.

On the spreadsheet, include the minimum hours you expect to see spent prospecting, dials, follow-up, showing appointments, open houses held, etc. These are the activities that lead to Set, Met and Signed.

Review the activity tracking spreadsheet with your agents each month and compare the results to what’s in their Agent Performance Agreement. There should be no reason why they don't line up. They committed to the numbers and what they needed to do to be productive was laid out for them. By showing them their results, it will either keep them motivated or you will see they don't like that accountability and at this point you will know they won't be successful on your team.

2) Dominate Your Day (DYD) Exercise

Being productive means being intentional with your time and focusing on what needs to get done rather than what you want to do. Take the time and be honest with yourself about where you are currently spending each hour of your time so that you can get more of the important things done rather than always focusing on what's urgent.

For accountability, if you are unsure where to start, implement the DYD first and build your standards from there. 

This is a great tool to use daily as it helps you prioritize your top projects to complete. When done right, this tool alone will help you and your agents be more productive and get the dollar productive activities done time and time again. Here is a short tutorial on how to use Dominate Your Day.

3) Daily Log Sheet

When it comes to tracking the daily activities, EVERYTHING you want to track is on the Daily Log Sheet. 

Your agents will track all of the following:

  • Daily contacts
  • Number of Listing Appointments Set
  • Number of Listing Appointments Met
  • Number of Listing Appointments Signed/Taken
  • Listings Under Contract
  • Number of Buyer Appointments Set
  • Number of Buyer Appointments Met
  • Number of Buyer Appointments Signed/Taken
  • Buyers Under Contract
  • Closings
  • Price Reductions
  • Hours of Prospecting
  • Overall Listing Goal per Week, Buyer Goal per Week and Goals per Month

As you can see this document is very straight forward as to what you did for the day. This will help you the agent as well as you, the team leader, to see what they need to do in order to meet their goals. 

Download both of these Agent Productivity Tools from the pop up on this page and start using them yourself to see the results and then have your agents start using them. 


Provide them with Resources

When you are shifting to create a business, you need to empower your team by giving them the tools they need to be successful. All sales people want to see the path for them to take to make more money. Every activity or process that you do needs to bring value to your team. 

Here are just a couple sets of tools you can provide for your team members to use to convert leads at a higher level to start growing your business while setting standards and accountability expectations for a high performing real estate agent to be successful.

Buyer and Seller Acquisition Tools

This is a process and a system just like every other system in your business. You need to analyze the process you use to consistently convert prospects into clients for life ... then make it repeatable.

The tools you create to support your agents during this process will also represent your business so make sure they are exactly what you want. Treat both the buyer and seller sides of your business as if they pay your commissions. This will help you in creating resources with your own touch in a way YOU want to nurture, service and convert your each client.

There are a few key elements you should make sure you have first for each agent to use:


Home Buyer Packet - all the tools your agent needs to answer buyer questions and show they are the expert.

Home Buyer Guide - outline what you will do for them and show them all the steps of the process and who is involved. 


Listing Packet - all the tools your agent needs to show what the team offers that has all the necessary paperwork to finalize the sale after the appointment.

Home Valuation - your supporting document to help you talk about price and establish authority with the seller. This is presented at the listing appointment after they have committed to working with you.

These are just the first few basic tools you need to implement and use yourself to create the repeatable process that your agents can follow and start producing the same results as you would. 

There are many more tools you need, but get the basics in place and then you can dive deeper and add more steps and documents to your process to create an ultimate sales machine.

Agent Training

When you find the next agent to join your team, you need to treat it like any other business would treat a new hire. They need to have an onboarding training to get to know the business, the processes and what they are expected to do.

This is the business mindset that I keep talking about. You are no longer just a real estate agent ... you are a leader of a business that must conduct it in that same manner to be successful.

When we have a new hire come on board, we have a set plan for them to go through and get to know all areas of the business for the next 8 weeks. Here is what we focus on in the first few weeks as an example. 

Week 1 - Focus on Standards, Expectations, Structure, Routine, Accountability, Technology, Buyer and Seller Scripts, Role Play, Prospecting, SOI, Appointment Setting Process, Lead Conversion, and a bit more. 

Week 2 - All Angles of Marketing Strategy, Creating Urgency with Buyers, Circle Prospecting, and more.

This is just a small piece of what they get and it is still a lot.

If you are truly ready to grow your team and start thinking about the training and resources you need to provide for your agents, join me on my upcoming master class to learn how to leverage yourself by giving your agents the step-by-step plan they need to be successful and become top producers in just 8 weeks. You will get all the details so you can just swipe and deploy ... instead of taking the time to create it all for yourself.

Join Master Class!

I know this is a lot of information, but the hardest part is just deciding to implement a process or tool into your business knowing it will force change and some uncertainty ... but isn't it worth it if the end result is agent accountability, increased conversion and sales, and ultimately a growing business?

This is the leverage that you need to implement into your business now so you can get out of production and have confidence that your business will continue to be profitable, scalable and most of all ... sustainable for you and your agents. 

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