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Create Your Real Estate Brand Story

Posted by REBS Team

In real estate, our only hope as agents and business owners is to stand out from the crowd. I've always approached my business differently than other agents in the area of marketing and the main difference has been the creation of my brand story.

What is a Brand Story:

For me, my brand story has always been a direct reflection of who I am as a person. I am a high performer in that I live and work in a way that is highly focused and highly productive. So, when I branded my real estate business as High-Performance Real Estate Advisors, it was a strategic brand move for me.

Everything I do within my business is a direct reflection of those high-performance practices I utilize.  By utilizing this brand story I not only tell my prospects why I'm different but also what I stand for. This makes my services and offerings easier to understand.

How to Create Your  Brand Story:

When determining your brand story, it's important that you don't stray too far from your own personal story. If you try to create an entirely new persona, you will find it difficult to create content that sounds authentic to your audience, because it's not. When you blend the stories however you can not only create great content, but you'll also attract more prospects that relate to or like your brand and therefore like you.

Not every buyer and seller that walks through my door is my best friend, however after establishing effective branding I've noticed that I genuinely like most of them. They saw the content I produced and were attracted to me in part because they related to it and this makes our relationship so much easier.

Find aspects of your own personal story that ststandsut and would allow you to build a brand around it. For example, did you move a lot as a kid and are now passionate about making that process easier for families by providing moving trucks to all home buyers and sellers? Were your parents math teachers, so you are numbers driven and love applying data to help your clients sell their home in the shortest time possible?

Once you've identified these aspects of your personal story look at it through the scope of your business. How can you use your story of being data-driven or hating the moving process to sell more homes?

Step-By-Step to Creating Your Brand Story:

If this concept of a brand story seems a little confusing or you're not sure where to start, I highly encourage you to join me and my team at our Spring Intensive Workshop.We will be hosting top producing agents and their teams from around the country for two full days in San Diego, CA. This event is open to non-members and will be all about how to create a brand that will make you stand out and attract more clients in 2018.

I'll be covering exactly what elements go into your brand story including how to use your story to build a 'tribe' that knows, likes, and refers you to all their friends. PLUS I'll be sharing with you my step by step marketing playbook that I use in my business today.

If that's not enough incentive we also have breakout sessions for your operations and sales team. Each session is designed to build on what we are covering in the main room and teach your team to help you build a business instead of punching a time clock.

Register before January 31, 2018, and receive an additional $200 off if you use the banner below to register!

How to Tell Your Brand Story:

Consistently produce content that speaks to who you are and what your story is. Because my brand story is all about being a high-performer I produce content about high-performance. I create content around selling homes faster and with a higher level of customer service than my competition.

Once you've determined what your brand story is you can use that story to educate your potential clients about your services and why they should choose you over anyone else in your area. This is your opportunity to stand out, so be as creative as you like. Keep in mind what kind of story your brand has. Is it light-hearted, familiar and maybe a little funny? Or, is your brand more serious and focused?

To learn more about creating your brand story and our Spring Intensive Workshop, click the link below:

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