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How to Hire & Build Your Perfect Real Estate Team

By REBS Team


How to Hire & Build Your Perfect Real Estate Team

REBS Team    May 21, 2020




If you're a real estate agent looking to grow your business you're going to need to eventually expand your team. However, so many agents hire the wrong person and waste so much time that it feels like they are constantly on a treadmill of hiring, training, and firing.

There were points in my own journey that I questioned if hiring another buyers agent was actually worth it. If I knew then what I am sharing with you now ... my journey would have been far easier and my business would be much further along.

When you're hiring for the first time, it's important that you consider ... is this the right person ... and are they in the right seat.


How To Identify The Right People

When you're trying to find the right person for your growing real estate team it's important that they fit your core values. Your core values are a set of statements that encompass the values of your business and what your business stands for. If you don't have any values identified and written down, your first step is to spend time creating them so you know how you want your business represented.

My core values for my own business are centered around who I am as a person. (You can download a copy of my core values at the bottom of this page.)

An easy way to see if an applicant fits well within your company culture (established by your core values) is to ask them how that value is represented within their own personal life. Within my interview process, we state each core value and ask the applicant to share how it is represented in their own life. Their answers, then, are not influenced by what we think of our core values and we understand better who they are.

After an applicant has been hired we re-visit the core values in a series of  30, 60 and 90-day evaluations. During these evaluations, we ask applicants to rate themselves on each core value. Then we rate them on how we think they've represented each core value. If they're not up to par by the end of the 90-days, they are dismissed.

When you choose to hire to the best candidates that fit your culture, you determine who you want to surround yourself with and who you want to influence the ultimate growth of your business.


How To Identify The Right Seat

When I refer to the right seat, what I am talking about is which position is best suited for your new candidate. This position needs to be one that they have the capacity to fill not only in their skills but also mentally.

When discovering an applicant's ability to fill a role I usually ask 3 questions:

  1. Do they get it? - Do they understand what is needed to make this position successful and are they ready to put in the time and work it might take to make them successful in this role.
  2. Do they want it? - Is this position suited for them and do they want to build their career in a way that fits with the position? It's important to identify not only your needs but the applicant's needs as well. If they aren't challenged or if they don't ultimately want to build a career in the position, then they will eventually leave and you'll need to start the process all over again.
  3. Do they have the capacity to do it? - When I talk about capacity I mean time, emotion, and ability to be successful in this position. If you know your agents will be working 45-50 hours per week and the applicant is looking for a job that really requires 40 hours or less they don't have the capacity.

For example, our sales agents are expected to produce new business every day. I know that the person best suited for this position is not going to wait for business to be thrown their way. They are willing to put in the extra time and manpower it takes to drive business because they want to be successful.

It's important to remember that you're hiring agents to your real estate team so that you can elevate above the position you're hiring for. So it's important that you use these tactics on every position in your company from sales agents to administrative staff.

Download my hiring guide from the pop up. It includes a copy of my core values and a worksheet to help you identify your own core values and the perfect candidate that will align with them and your team vision.

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