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Changing Your Mindset for Real Estate Success

By REBS Team


Changing Your Mindset for Real Estate Success

REBS Team    May 21, 2020



When I first started my business I realized that the key to real estate success was me. I don't mean that I am a real estate prodigy, but rather that I was the only one who could determine my ultimate success or failure.

If you're wondering how you can build a business that will serve you at a high level rather than enslave you 24/7 you're in the right place.

The Real Estate Industry is Broken

It didn't take me long to figure out that our industry is broken in a big way. The traditional vision of real estate success will have you working nonstop, attached to your phone, compromising your health and still unable to make ends meet or spend any time with your family.

If the traditional definition of this industry is broken, it would make sense that traditional methods to help you grow your real estate business are also broken.

Change Your Mindset, to Change Your Business

Too many agents are stuck in their business because of one simple element: they don't have the right mindset.

That's why each time a new client joins Real Estate B-School we start with understanding their mindset. Once they've mastered this aspect of their business the end result is a business that gives you total freedom and a life by design.

That's why for the first time I am sharing the exact assessment and scorecard we use with our clients on a daily basis at Real Estate B-School.

Download your copy of The Business Freedom Scorecard and Strategizing your Mindset Worksheet

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Once you've completed your assessment you will use the Business Freedom Scorecard and Strategizing Your Mindset exercise to create a tactical plan to improve your mindset moving forward in your business. Using these methods could help you raise your mindset score by 4-5 points in just 90 days.

Do the work and see how we view business and what's possible when you're in the "transformative range".

How Mindset Helped Me Grow My Business Significantly

Every time I start with a new coaching client I get pushback from people wanting a quick fix to their business. They all want a $100,000 system or process that will transform their business overnight. While we teach those methods at Real Estate B-School we don't believe in overnight results and I don't believe that's the most important part.

I started in 2007, not the best time to start given that 2008 was the sharpest decline we saw in this industry and changed the way many of us do business to this day.

The things that got me through it was the mindset game and my sustainable systems and processes.

Today I've given you access to one of my most influential tools in correcting my mindset and that of my clients.

So, I challenge you to do the work take the online assessment and go one step further. Create a strategy to push through your two lowest ranking mindsets so that you can change your path with a tactical plan.

Go through this exercise and change your mindset because your mindset is everything.

Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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