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Attract the Best Real Estate Agent Recruits with this Key Step

REBS Team    November 15, 2018



You don’t need a full-time recruiter to find the best real estate agent recruits, but you do need top-notch recruiting collateral to attract top talent.

What do you use to show recruits your worth? We use a recruiting packet to set clear expectations and show how real estate agents on our team live life by design, not by default.

Prospective agents want to know what working for you will be like, and what better opportunity to demonstrate how great you are? This is your chance to brag! So here’s how to do it well.
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Compensation breakdown


This is top-of-mind for every new recruit, and we can’t blame them. So list every part of the compensation you offer — even the pieces that can't be counted in dollars and cents. You'll want to include:

  • Commission splits
  • Brand name/recognition
  • Occupancy costs
  • Lead generation
  • Technology/systems
  • Administrative support
  • Training and accountability
  • Leadership and vision

Also, show the real estate agents you recruit what they can expect to make over time. Their earnings potential should increase with years of service, and they deserve to know how their loyalty and hard work will pay off.


Career track

Recruits expect to advance. So really think about what the opportunity is on your team.  Show them where they'll start and where they can go if they put in the time and effort. 



Do you participate in any charitable initiatives? Tell them! Do you sponsor any non-profits in the community? They should know!

Again, these recruiting materials are as informative as they are promotional. Don't be afraid to share with recruits what role giving to others plays in your business.


Core values

Every business has these, even if they aren’t set down in black and white. So if you haven’t written your core values down, this is your opportunity. Share your core values with your existing agents as well as recruits.


Why you?

No two real estate businesses are alike. Determine what sets you apart as an employer and highlight those differences to recruits.

core valuesThey may be shopping around for the perfect real estate business to come on board with. So this is your chance to show them why you're a different (better) team leader than other (without naming names) agencies.

If you haven’t been properly promoting your real estate business to recruits, start TODAY.


Moving forward

Chances are, you have most of the content, you just need to spin it into a shiny new package that attracts the best real estate agent recruits possible. But be advised: they won’t be impressed if they're presented with a Word doc slapped together at the last minute.

Your recruiting packet should be creative, thoughtful and visually appealing. Engage a designer who understands your brand. Even if you have to spend a little money, the investment will pay off in spades when you begin to recruit your market’s top-tier real estate agents.


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