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How Angel Garcia Went from $23M to $70M in Volume in Just 3 Years ... and He's Only 26 Years Old!

REBS Team    July 16, 2019
How Angel Garcia Went from $23M to $70M in Volume in Just 3 Years ... and He's Only 26 Years Old!

About Angel: Angel was struggling with coming up with a system that would predictably bring in business. He wasn't sure where his business was coming from. It was always what he felt he was missing. Angel started watching REBS videos online and kept pausing them to look at the trackers and to take notes of what was going on. 

His work with REBS:  When Angel started tracking, he paid attention to how many appointments he was sending, how many he was actually meeting with, and then how many signed. He started treating his business like a pipeline allowing him to track his metrics and the best way to spend his time. 

Results: Angel now has the clarity of mind, he has tracking systems in place it's easy for him to identify if there are any issues and see where he needs to focus his time. He now has sustainability in his business and was able to almost triple his revenue!

Learn how Angel had to take a big leap to shift his mindset to level up from Top Producing Agent to Business Owner!



What You Will Learn From Angel

[1:28]   Where he had issues with tracking and predictability but how he took the risk to change

[5:40]   How setting appointments and tracking sources created pipelines that provided him clarity

[7:40]   Where he realized the problem on how he manages his team to see the little changes they needed to do to achieve massive results

[11:59]  How he built a team culture to establish good habits  and also exposed problems within his team

[17:30]   How he had to determine where his best business was coming from, where to look for additional business growth and most especially determine what was not working

[22:30]   How REBS' detailed plan lead him to the success he was dreaming for and changed his concept of growth

[33:44]  How the REBS community made him feel he has a second family helping each other out personally and professionally

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