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How Christal Johnson Blew Up Her Real Estate Team & Doubled Production Within 2 Years to Over $50M GCI!

REBS Team    July 16, 2019
How Christal Johnson Blew Up Her Real Estate Team & Doubled Production Within 2 Years to Over $50M GCI!

About Christal: Christal joined her husband in real estate in after leaving a government contracting job. She realized they needed to add a lot more structure and a few more systems to make the business sustainable for the long haul. But, Christal was skeptical of getting coaching to grow. Her first experience with coaching left a sour taste in her mouth because they didn't give her anything to implement to actually move her business forward.

Her work with REBS:   Christal vividly remembers talking about company culture during her first REBS intensive. Afterwards, she and her husband got really clear about what they want for their business. Once they did that, a lot of things changed and aligned within their team. 

Results: Not only did Christal build a team that aligns with her core values, but she also learned systems for creating a sound economic model. She got really clear on the correct commission structure to promote growth, and she understands her numbers and trajectory. Christal achieved clarity and balance that allows her to fulfill obligations to her family, spouse, loved ones all while being successful at running her real estate business. 

Christal shares how she is uniquely taking her team to the next level and surrounding herself with people that really fit her core values



What You Will Learn From Christal

[1:25]   How she struggled and determined the need for structure and systems to make her real estate business sustainable

[2:41]   How she went about overhauling the team and started from scratch to align herself with the business

[8:07]   How she addressed lack of accountability, identified culture issues and got clear with her values to lead her team down the right path

[11:28]  How she realizes the business she is growing is not about her but about the opportunity she creates for other people

[12:56]   How she is being clear with her faith and getting deeper with her clients as a result

[15:04]  How REBS helped her to level up, build structure, implement key systems, manage finances and achieve her goals

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