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How Cristin & Chris Increased Their Income While Massively Reducing Their Hours!

REBS Team    May 15, 2020

About Chris & Cristin:

Chris and Cristin Holloway own the Holloway Real Estate Group out of Southern New Jersey. The team includes 5 agents and Chris as director of operations. Cristin has almost 20 years of experience in business, marketing, and strategic planning. Before moving into real estate, she spent five years as the President/CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Burlington County.


Their Work with REBS

One of the biggest goals for Chris and Cristin was to gain back freedom of their time. Aside from increasing their profits, they were working all the time and perpetually looking for structure and guidance on how to get control back. Work was bleeding into everything, and eventually with their working styles complementing each other they were able to triple their business, but they were both maxed out. The systems that REBS installed in their business enabled them to have the freedoms that they wanted.

3 strategies or tools that have had the biggest impact:

  • Lead Routing system
  • Following an Economic Model
  • Agent Accountability


The Results

“We can have dinner now, with our family, and Cristin’s phone doesn’t ring.” 

Cristin and Chris reflect on a time where they were giving leads and not knowing what came of them. Now, everything is tracked, there are systems for EVERYTHING they do, and each aspect of their business is tracked and people are held accountable for what they are responsible for. They experience much more freedom in their time. They model everything for their team - right down to their weekly meetings.


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