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How Dan Beer Sold 303 Homes and Hit $215 Million Sales While Leveling Up His Team!

REBS Team    July 16, 2019
How Dan Beer Sold 303 Homes and Hit $215 Million Sales While Leveling Up His Team!

About Dan: When Dan met Lars back in 2014, he was running a 3 person team. He wanted to expand his business, and he knew he needed to put systems in place to do so. He couldn't keep adding hours to his workday, as he was feeling the stress building in his family and personal relationships. At that point in his business, dinner parties or dates with his wife were out of the question. And on top of that, he had his first son on the way! He understood that there was only so long he could work at that pace.

His work with REBS:   Dan wanted to surround himself with smart people that would help stimulate ideas and his mind. He was ready to build a scalable business foundation that didn't just rely on him. The first thing he worked on was a business tracker so that he could nail the ROI on every source. He also created a proper organization structure for hiring employees and empowering them and giving them space to do their job. Dan also reframed the way he thought about money as it relates to his time, which has changed the way he does everything in his life. 

Results: Dan's now has a very lucrative organizational structure that has allowed him to grow massively. He now runs a 30 person business that closed over 300 homes last year. He has fully leveraged his team, which gives him more time for the things and people that are truly important.

Learn how making the shift from a production mindset to a business owner mindset was the key to his success!


What You Will Learn From Dan

[2:08]   How he built a solid foundation to sustain his business over the long term

[4:13]   How he got out of the mindset on focusing on what you're paying vs what you're making

[4:40]  How he felt the stress coming down on his personal relationships and family

[7:08]  How he got hyper-obsessed on tracking his numbers and determining lead sources

[9:45]  How direct response farming helped his business identify markets and build his brand

[13:13]  How he structures employee compensation and creates an effective organizational structure

[21:37]  How the REBS Intensive Workshops challenged him to make a big shift in how he was going to grow his business

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