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How Dan Jones Quadrupled His Production to 250+ Sides and Went From Working 70+ Hours Per Week to Less Than 40

REBS Team    July 16, 2019
How Dan Jones Quadrupled His Production to 250+ Sides and Went From Working 70+ Hours Per Week to Less Than 40

About Dan: In 2015, Dan decided he wanted to work on his business and be able to have a more structured life within real estate. By 2017, he vowed to be out of production so he could focus on growing and owning his business versus being in production and hopping in and out of both. He was trying to start a family, and being involved in every aspect of his business required him to work 60-70 hours a week with no end in sight. 

His work with REBS:   Dan realized his first problem was hiring the wrong people that shouldn't be in sales or real estate in general. He also felt a huge gap in his financial structure. He had a lot of money coming in, but he needed to create a sound system for how that money flowed within his business. Daniel learned to train his staff to go really deep with their leads, and he's also learned to always stay in recruiting mode as there will always be turnover. 

Results: Dan doesn't have the stress that he had and he is currently working around 35 hours a week. He was even able to take 2 months off once his daughter was born! He is now really confident with where his business is, and he is looking forward to continued growth!

Learn how making the shift from a production mindset to a business owner mindset was the key to his success!


What You Will Learn From Dan

[2:47]   How he what he is looking for when it comes to new agents 

[3:18]   How he made the shift from producer to business owner and stepped out of personal production

[4:00]  How he take control of his business and start focusing on starting his own family

[8:03]  How he learned what he needs to spend on marketing, people and overhead to have a sound economic model

[9:37]  How he trains his teams on lead generation so they go deeper with every single lead

[12:51]  How he took it slow on recruiting knowing that he wants to be profitable instead of growing too fast

[24:08]  How REBS' events and community opened up doors for him to meet new people who understand his struggles. 

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