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How Dave Hooke Went From a Solo Agent To Out of Production and Doubling His Income!

REBS Team    July 16, 2019
How Dave Hooke Went From a Solo Agent Doing 80+ Transactions ... To Being Out of Production and Doubling His Income!

About Dave: Dave started in a brokerage system in 2003. He entered right out of college, and is a 3rd generation real estate broker. He was focused on making the most money he possibly could, while working over 80 hrs per week. His business was hurting his marriage, as well as his family and friends. Dave knew he needed systems and processes in order to truly scale his real estate business, but didn’t know where to start.

His work with REBS: What Dave needed was a step-by-step systems to track his sources and revenue. REBs helped Dave create a business tracker so that he could analyze his business rather than dumping numbers into a spreadsheet. That data helped him see where he needed to make changes in his business. 

Results: Dave has been able to double his income while stepping out of production since starting to work with the coaches at Real Estate B-School. He has experienced mindset shifts, and now has time to enjoy spending time with family and doing things that he loves. 

"If you’re not tracking what you are doing in your business, it won’t be long until you are out of business."



What You Will Learn From Dave:

[4:59]   How Dave had to get real with himself and stop making excuses saying he wasn't working ... when he actually was and it was hurting his family

[9:02]   The importance of shifting from "emotion-based" decision making to "data-based" decision making

[11:02]   How to focus on the things that matter the MOST as a business owner ... that may not look like success to the outside world ... but took Dave's business from 60 to 100 to then 200 sides

[16:16]   What Dave's business looked like before REBS, to what it is today with him out of production, doubling his transactions and doubling his income

[20:15]   The economic model that he offers to his team that serves and empowers them to grow and move up the model to take home up to 6 figures

[26:55]   How the authenticity and vulnerability of the REBS community has helped Dave grow his business and get through all the tough times when he could have given up

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