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How Fred Holmes built a Successful Team using Proven Systems!

REBS Team    November 25, 2019

About Fred:

Fred started building his Real Estate team back in 2012. His wife, Tammy, is the agent. Fred describes himself as 'in the background', working on processes, marketing, and operations. This year (2019) he will be closing around 200 units. 

His work with REBS:

Fred was searching for clarity when he joined Real Estate B-School. Especially in a financial sense, he felt that he knew his business was making money, he was just never sure quite how much. Money came in, money went out, but there wasn't a clear place he could focus on exactly what was what.  Fred was able to install systems with Real Estate B-School that helped keep track of every dollar that came and went from the business. 


Because of Real Estate B-School, Fred and his wife are able to keep more of the money that they make from their business - cutting expenses, tracking finances, and hiring and using the right people to get the job done - they no longer worry about the security of their retirement. They can rely on their business as they eventually step out of it entirely!

What You Will Learn From Fred:

[0:22] Fred's background and his start in Real Estate back in 2012

[2:58] Financial issues he faced in his business - hiring, tracking, spending, etc.

[6:43] Places where he was able to save money and cut costs

[11:45] How knowing your numbers can help you keep track of everything in your business and keep your head on straight!

[19:26] Courage in his team to operate without him on a long upcoming vacation!

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