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How John Mikesh Built a $2.5M Real Estate Team Without Being Involved in the Daily Operations!

REBS Team    July 16, 2019
How John Mikesh Built a $2.5M Real Estate Team Without Being Involved in the Daily Operations!

About John: He owns an independent real estate company north of Charlotte. Back in 2014 he was heavily in the production of his business as the biggest producer. He constantly thought about his business, and felt that if he let his guard down his business would take a hit. He was making great money, but he was stressed, angry and didn't have time for his family or faith. John didn't know if his marriage would make it without a change. He needed to take back his life. 

His work with REBS:   REBS helped him take a close look at ROI and profitability, and then put pillars into place to see how one thing affects the other. He learned to set up a compensation structure that would allow him to get out of production while helping his agents earn even more. He learned how to put more structure into his business

Results: John was able to move from producer to manager to leader to owner and now feels balance in his life. He doubled numbers in his already lucrative business while stepping back from production. John expected to see big jump in numbers after joining REBS, but he didn't expect to feel like a better person. He fixed his business, so now he can show up, care and leave an impact on others, which is the most important thing to him. 

Selling 200-250 homes a year, with agents achieving remarkable levels of success & complete time and money freedom for John and his family!



What You Will Learn From John:

[2:48]    Used the market shift to take control of his business and not let his business in control of him

[8:00]    How he made a mental shift that saved his marriage and got himself out of a toxic environment

[13:00]  How he built a sustainable plan for his business to get himself and his wife out of production and operations

[14:24]  John shares the 3 most helpful tools and systems he got from REBS that helped him to scale his business and get out of production

[17:04]   How his business structure gives him the freedom he’s enjoying today and how embracing accountability allows his team to perform at levels they didn't believe was possible

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