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4X Your Business & Fall Back in Love With It! - (with Kodi Riddle)

REBS Team    January 16, 2020
Kodi Riddle

About Kodi: After earning her degree from Arizona State University in 1994, Kodi went on to become an LPGA Golf Professional. Before college, she had never played the game and she became a member with the LPGA in less than 3 years. In a male dominated industry, Kodi’s tireless energy, determination and passion to succeed quickly propelled her to achieve her goals.

Using these traits, in 1999, Kodi began what has become a successful real estate career. Very early on it was obvious to her that the only way to truly protect her clients was to work full-time in this industry. After just 6 months in real estate, she left the golf industry behind to become a full-time real estate agent. As soon as possible, she earned her broker’s license as well as her e-pro designation. With two decades of experience and education, she has become an expert in her field.

Her work with REBS: Kodi was working herself into a corner in her Real Estate business. She was getting burned out, and not taking a step back just to breathe. With Real Estate B-School, she learned to prioritize her time. She also learned how to manage her money better as well as track what was coming in and going out. Along with the help of her husband, they were able to cut unnecessary expenses and have hard discussions about what was important in the long run. 

Results: Kodi was able to fall back in love with an industry that had left her burnt out. Real Estate B-School is still there with Kodi as a coach and a mentor. She was able to 4X her business, and find support and encouragement for the tough times she faced in her journey from working in her business to owning it. She's now happy in her life and her business, and ready for the next leg of the journey!

[2:45] The things Kodi wanted to achieve after she found Real Estate B-School

[9:06] How many hours/days per week back then versus now!

[17:25] Tools Kodi used, before and after Real Estate B-School

[25:03] It was either changing completely, or getting out of it. Kodi's pain point in her business

[35:15] Knowing she had support from Lars and the REBS team gave her confidence in her leadership and skills as a business owner!

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