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Learn How Matt Perry Scaled His Business to Over 200 Sides By Focusing on Referrals

REBS Team    January 17, 2020
Learn How Matt Perry Scaled His Business to Over 200 Sides By Focusing on Referrals

About Matt: Matt runs a successful team in Raleigh Durham doing an average of 215 units a year for the past 4 years. He's also invested in 3 market centers with Keller Williams., so with more than one business, he has a lot of time juggling responsibilities. Matt wanted to learn how to bring his businesses to the next level without sacrificing his family time. His wife and 3 daughters are his biggest motivators. He wanted to surround himself with other leaders that have those same family and faith priorities as him, which lead him to REBs.

His work with REBS:   When Matt started working with REBs, he wanted to focus on leadership, time management, and tracking his numbers at a high level. Matt learned systems to help him block out his time in easy steps to meet his goals. He also started to long track his sales numbers, which has helped him become very clear of what each agent is responsible for. Once these goals are in place, he can help his agents achieve their goals and grow the business. 

Results: Now Matt understands his numbers and how they relate to his goals, and he also knows how to keep his agents accountable. This allows him to be a strong leader for his team. The best part is that he still keeps his family first. REBs taught him that he can have the huge business and still be a family person. Matt recommends REBs, because with coaching you'll get to the next level faster!

Learn how making the shift from a production mindset to a business owner mindset was the key to his success!



What You Will Learn From Matt

[1:35]   How he was able to think outside of the box to come up with strategies to avoid getting stuck in production

[2:40]   How he determined his top three priorities; God, Family and Business, and how he balances his life

[4:17]  How he splits his time by putting systems in place and look for leverage from the 6 key drivers in his organization

[6:45]  How he tracks his numbers, identify goals, implements accountability and makes financial adjustments before its too late

[9:35]  How he provides what his team needs in order to grow professionally

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