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Building a Million Dollar Business! (w/ Maurice Robichaud)

REBS Team    January 21, 2020

About Maurice:

Mo is a Real Estate Team Leader who operates out of Nashua, NH. He started his journey with Real Estate B-School years ago, before leaving and deciding to come back. He runs a small team of 13 agents out of Nashua, New Hampshire. In the past 4 years, he has quadrupled his business. Since starting his own company, he dealt with admin work, ISAs, marketing, you name it. He was stressed out and stretched thin. He was chasing squirrels, and it showed in his personal life. 

His work with REBS: 

After Maurice started with Real Estate B-School, he was able to get a good grip on his business and finally make the most of the work he had put in for years prior. He was able to hire the right people, and make sure they were in the best position for the company. He was able to swipe and deploy systems from Real Estate B-School and hire a good transaction coordinator that took a lot off of his plate. From there, he was even able to save money on expenses that he hadn't paid attention to in ages - saving his company tens of thousands of dollars per year. 


Maurice was able to improve the quality of his marriage and personal relationships because his business became less of a burden. Instead of being split between many different tasks, he was able to focus on what he was good at. 

“I just never looked at what I did or what I sold until the end of the year when I printed out my quickbooks.” 



What You Will Learn From Maurice:

[1:08] Where Mo was 4 years ago, and what his business looks like now

[2:29] Time, Money, and Stress: Then vs. Now

[5:14] This business doesn't have to be complicated - how he simplified his workflow with a transaction coordinator

[7:40] Chasing squirrels! Webinars, distractions, and the impact of Real Estate B-School on his business

[12:03] Making the shift from operator to owner, and the culture shift that comes with it

[16:50] Increasing your business and keeping the same fundamentals is important

[24:30] The influence of coaching on his business and how it will affect YOU as well.

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