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Learn How Stacie Exited Production And Tripled Her Real Estate Business!

REBS Team    June 24, 2019
Learn How Stacie Exited Production And Tripled Her Real Estate Business!

About Stacie: Stacie started working in real estate in college. She built up her real estate business as her family grew.  She was making great money and felt like she had her business down, but didn't realize how her family life was suffering. When on a family vacation she couldn't put down her phone for 2 hours to spend time with her husband and two children. She knew she needed to make a change, but didn’t know where to start.

Her work with REBS: Stacie first met with REBS in 2014, while watching Lars on stage. She really resonated with how he valued his success in business, life, health, family and faith. That's what Stacie wanted in her life... balance! As she started with REBS, she learned systems that allowed to create consistent results. She made small 2% movements at a time to reach her goals, and learned that she needed to hire more help to grow. 

Results: Stacie was able to put systems in place that allowed her to be accountable to her family. She started to look at and build her business as if she were going to sell it. As her team grew, she made the move from top producer to business owner and exited production within 6 months. Thanks to REBS, Stacie tripled her business, and finally has balance in her life for what's important. 

"If you’re not tracking what you are doing in your business, it won’t be long until you are out of business."



What You Will Learn From Stacie:

[1:57]    Where she was when she started her business growth journey, how challenging her family life was and how a simple commitment changed everything

[9:40]    How and why conventional success sucks in the real estate industry, and how to avoid the mistakes she made that sacrificed time with her family for years

[10:58]    How she made the shift from top producer to business owner, and exited production completely within 6 months of starting with Real Estate B-School

[15:10]    How to hire the right way, whether it’s your first admin or buyer agent or even if you already have a larger team ... she goes through how to simplify the process

[23:24]    Why building your business as if you were going to sell it is critical to your success

[24:10]    How to take a few simple tools and implement them into your business to create true time and money freedom ... she knew there was a better way and she found it!

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