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How Tara Limbird Took Her Already Successful Business to the Next Level and Found Her Happiness And Freedom In The Process

REBS Team    July 16, 2019
How Tara Limbird Took Her Already Successful Business to the Next Level and Found Her Happiness And Freedom In The Process

About Tara: Tara got into real estate in 2004 and jumped into a great real estate market. At the time it was hard to NOT be successful. She started a team with her husband in 2010. Tara was running her team and distributions, doing the marketing, handling the deals, and had her hands in every piece of her business. She wanted to be able grow her business without being as hand on in the production, but she didn't know how. 

Her work with REBS: Tara joined REBS in 2014. Her first big first step was creating a system for tracking her teams appointments to learn how to help them track yearly goals and grow. This new system also helped her ensure no leads fell through the cracks. The REBS family and resources helped her real estate and personal life improve! 

Results: Tara now feels confident getting new hires from point A to B, and she is thrilled watching her team succeed. She has built a solid team and has been able to take a step back and work on her business instead of spending so much time IN her business. Her team Is now selling 500+ homes a year!

While her team sells 500+ homes a year and she can focus more on her unique ability of investing in her team members to help build their legacies.



What You Will Learn From Tara:

[5:40]     The 3 most impactful tools that took Tara’s business to the next level from implementing new opportunities to capture leads to tracking appointments and finding the balance in her life.

[9:13]      How she stopped chasing success and focused on chasing happiness instead. How she learned how to not attach her happiness to her Real Estate Business.

[15:52]     How she has improved her systems to help agents be successful and take every buyer or seller from new lead to a client for life!

[18:00]    How to grow and add layers to the team so every person has the opportunity to add value to the team and can grow to their next level, which takes the business to the next level.

[20:40]    The one thing she does to direct her energy when she feels stressed about her business so she doesn't make impulse decisions without thinking it through first.

[23:58]     If you want something more or want to create a bigger impact, you have to learn what your unique ability and value add to the team is and what you enjoy to help your whole team grow.

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