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How Thomas Elrod Went From 3 Sales His First Year in the Business to Over $3M GCI While Exiting Production

REBS Team    July 16, 2019
How Thomas Elrod Went From 3 Sales His First Year in the Business to Over $3M GCI While Exiting Production

About Thomas: Coming from an automative background, Thomas got his start in real estate in 2009. He only sold 3 houses that first year (one to a friend, one to his girlfriend at the time, and he sold one of his father's units). He didn't believe he need any coaching or help. His mindset changed after he met Lars who asked him, "So, are you still in production?" It was that question that opened up Thomas' eyes to the fact that not everyone actually IS in production, and that he needed to learn more.

His work with REBS:   Thomas realized that he was stuck in the 'get stuff done' mode, and he didn't have any business trackers in place. He now has created actionable systems and a marketing presence that allows him to back out of production and build a thriving team.

Results: Now Thomas has a personal trainer, friends, family, and time to enjoy his life. He is excited that he can actually see what to expect in his business because of the systems, inspection and renewed accountability. He is now actively scaling his real estate business.

Learn how making the shift from a production mindset to a business owner mindset was the key to his success!



What You Will Learn From Thomas

[4:17]   How he got started with tracking, achieved clarity and learned the importance of marketing 

[6:25]   How he scaled his business by making decisions that will created a big impact to his team members and in his personal life

[8:06]   How he used various marketing strategies to gain clients for life and earn referrals

[13:02]  How he was building a "shrine to thyself" and how made the shift to serving his team instead

[16:14]   How he did not give up when things got tough and his team needed him to really dig in

[22:56]   His strong belief in accountability as a necessary part of growth and achievement

[13:44]  How the REBS community made him feel like family and has helped him both personally and professionally

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