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4 Ways to Foster Powerful Communication With Your Real Estate Team

REBS Team    November 26, 2018



Bosses often assume they're effectively communicating with their direct reports, but are they?

You've set out to build a phenomenal real estate business, and that's hard. You will have to work at becoming a great leader.  And one piece of creating a successful, functional real estate team is excellent listening skills. So today, we're sharing a few strategies to step up your communication.


1. Two emotions

When you aren’t sure how someone is feeling about something, ask them to give you two emotions, a positive and a negative, to describe how they feel.

listening skillsAs a leader, assuming you know what someone else is feeling is a huge mistake. This strategy will stop you from making assumptions, but it only works when both parties are open and honest. If they are, you can forge an open, strong relationship.


2. Question to statement ratio

Managers do most of the talking. They're so eager to share their next thought they steamroll direct reports and rob them of opportunities to speak. But the dialogue should actually be 80 percent employee, 20 percent manager.

Tough, right? You can easily turn the tables on your speaking ratio by asking questions instead of making statements.

A typical manager says, “You should have done it this way…” Instead ask, “Knowing what you know now, what will you do differently next time?”


listening skills

3. Echoing

Sometimes you just don’t know if an employee understands you. Instead of assuming they do, try asking, “Just to make sure I’m communicating well, can you please tell me what I just told you?”

Direct reports will appreciate you taking the time to ensure they fully understand your message.


4. Thump Thump

This strategy is based on a 1990 Stanford University Study by Elizabeth Newton. The study divided people into tappers and listeners.

excellent listeningThe tappers used their fingers to tap out the rhythm of well-known songs, and the listeners guessed the song. The tappers thought listeners would guess the song correctly 50 percent of the time. In actuality, listeners only guessed correctly 1 in 40 times.

Why does this matter? Because when you communicate, you assume you’re getting the point across. But often, all employees hear is "thump thump."

So challenge yourself, are you communicating really well with your real estate team?

If you don't think you are, you can improve. Take advantage of these communication strategies, and you’ll be well on your way to talking less and understanding more.

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