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From Zeros to Heroes: Effective Interview Processes to Create Your Best Team

REBS Team    November 15, 2018



When you're cultivating a great team to support your real estate business, you need a rigorous vetting process. Interviews are an integral part of that process.

Every employer conducts interviews. But few take the time to create a systematic interview process. And that’s a mistake.

You don't have to follow our process exactly. Evaluate and adapt what you need to create the right structure for you. Our team is always looking at what's working and what's not with a goal of finding the best-fit candidate for each position.

The most important piece is that you spend time with the candidate. Really getting to know someone is the only way to weed out the zeros from the heroes and build a quality real estate team.


Interview 1: Who is this person?

This is the first in-person interview, and we call it the Thought Process Interview. In most cases, you’ll have an admin or other support staff conduct this (approximately) two-hour interview.

real estate team interviewThe goal in this meeting is to verify the results of the personality assessment they completed during the initial vetting process. This is a chance to build rapport and get to know the candidate.

During the interview, assess core values, priorities, strengths and weaknesses. Answer the question, "Will this candidate be a good fit for the team?"


Interview 2 - What's their motivation?

If the first interview goes well, invite the recruit back within the next two days to meet with their potential supervisor. This is the Life Story/Motivational Interview.

Your goal this time around is to confirm this person’s strengths, performance trajectory and values. And this isn't just a one-way evaluation. This is your opportunity to show them that you really want to get to know them — and that the relationship is reciprocal. You want to add value to their life just as much as they need to add value to the team.

Most importantly, ask yourself, “Do I want to bring this person into my world and spend time with them?”

If the answer is no, don’t hesitate to cut what should be a two-hour interview to a 20-minute interview. There’s no use wasting your time — or theirs.


Interview 3: Do they fit with the team?

group interview

Assemble your team for the Group Interview to see if they gel well with each other.

Prepare the team with a series of ten or so questions you would still like answered. The natural flow of conversation should tell you everything you need to know.


Interview 4: How do they work?

The final step in the process is the Working Interview. And it's just as simple as it sounds. You want to watch them work to see if they can learn a script and be on the phone.

In advance of this interview, send them a Circle Prospecting training module. The goal is to have them come in and conduct Circle Prospecting on the Mojo Dialer. This is not about setting appointments, it's about seeing how they handle conversations and their skill at creating nurtures.

Last, check their references three-deep. That's Job Reference, Industry Reference and Personal References. Don't be afraid to ask the references for additional references who can add value and insight to your understanding of the candidate. And don't be afraid to do a little light social media stalking! 

Adapt what we do to your business, and you’ll have everything you need, and then some, to make sure you're adding the best possible people to your real estate team.

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