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Happiness is an Inside Job (And Three More Things That Tara Learned With Real Estate B-School)

By REBS Team


Happiness is an Inside Job (And Three More Things That Tara Learned With Real Estate B-School)

REBS Team    May 21, 2020



Even a great real estate business can benefit from a little coaching. Tara discovered that first-hand when she started working with Real Estate B-School.

Fubbi 4.22It’s really tough to figure out how to take your real estate business to the next level.

It’s even tougher when you’ve already achieved a fair amount of success. You might start thinking that you’ve plateaued and you can’t take the business any further.

But it really depends on what you’re really looking for out of your business.

Tara Limbird has achieved success by every traditional definition of the word. Yet, she still felt a little unfulfilled. She still felt as though there was another level that she could take her business to that she hadn’t quite reached yet.

Let’s look at what Tara achieved with us and how she took her real estate business to the next level.

The Little Things That Transformed Tara’s Business

Tara got into real estate back in 2004. She says she almost fell into the industry.

She says she’d never timed anything well in her life (I think we’ve all felt like that sometimes).

But she hit real estate at just the right time. It was a booming market and it was hard for her not to do well.

Of course, the industry’s changed over the years. But Tara’s a quick learner and she managed to weather the economic storm that came soon after she entered the industry.

And then she started building a team alongside her husband in 2010. In 2015, she went independent.

Now, I’d love to tell you some big emotional story about how Tara struggled and how I helped her to turn her life around.

But the truth is that she was doing really well. She’d proven herself as a top producer and she’d built a really good business.

Yet, she still had issues that she needed to overcome. There were still plenty of things that she could change so that the business better served her and her family.

The Challenges

Tara started her coaching without a really clear goal in terms of what she wanted to achieve. She just knew that she wanted to get to another level and didn’t know how to get there.

And she felt like it was hard to grow the business any further. She was so busy working in production that she couldn’t step back and start implementing new systems and strategies.

In the year that she joined REBS, Tara had personally made 47 sales. She also juggled the marketing, the recruiting, and so much more.

She didn’t really have any systems or accountability.

There wasn’t really a defined structure in place and it wasn’t really systematic.

Tara found herself stuck in the rat race. She says she’d used sweat equity to build the business. And it worked, but it wasn’t pretty.

The Solutions

The key to taking Tara’s business to the next level was in creating sustainable systems.

That started with the implementation of an appointment tracker. That simple little system made such a huge difference for Tara’s agents.

There were also a few little systems that she introduced into her lead generation process. Simply using multiple yard signs helped the business to generate more high quality buyer leads. Plus, they did it with very little cost or effort.

But perhaps the biggest benefit for Tara came from having the wonderful REBS community around her.

She says that just having people to bounce ideas off and learn from helped to build her confidence as a business owner. It showed her that there were different ways to do things and she took all of that forward in her business.

The End Result

When Tara came to us, she’d just finished a year where she handled 47 sales. That’s far too much production for a owner of a team of her size.

In 2018, she did just seven sales herself.

Now, she’s got so much more time to focus on building the business. And of course, she’s got more time to spend with her family too.

The processes and systems she’s put in place have also had a marked effect on her results.

Trusting production to her team resulted in the business making 516 sales in 2018.

That amounts to total volume of $128 million.

Tara now has a systematized business that’s doing amazingly well without her having to be heavy in production.

Tara now has a systematized business that’s doing amazingly well without her having to be heavy in production.

What Can You Learn?

Tara’s the perfect example of someone who achieved traditional success in our industry. But she wasn’t fulfilled and she knew that there was another level for her to reach.

With us, she managed to get to that level.

These are the four things that you can learn from her journey.

Lesson #1 – Implement an Appointment Tracker

I cannot overstate the importance of tracking to your real estate business. Knowing what’s happening, when, and why is so important.

Start with tracking all of your agent’s appointments. 4.22a

Tara hadn’t even thought about doing this before. Her agents handled dozens of appointments every week. And they’d often have to go digging through files if she asked them about any of them.

With appointment tracking, you make sure that you maximize every opportunity and nothing falls through the cracks.

That’s crucial when your real estate business starts firing on all cylinders. When it’s all “go, go, go”, people get busy. It’s natural that they start to overlook things.

Appointment tracking helps you get all of the information into one spot. It lets you see the appointments you’ve set, met, signed … or haven’t. And ultimately, it helps your agents hit their targets.

Lesson #2 – Use a Multiple Yard Sign System

With all of these web-based tools at our disposal, it’s easy to forget about some of the tried and tested lead generation systems.

In Tara’s case, she relied on websites (like Zillow) to get leads. She’d create an online listing and make it live. Then, she’d wait for people to get in touch online.

That’s definitely a good strategy. But she wasn’t fully optimizing her lead gen capabilities. She basically only provided potential leads with one way to get in touch.

What about the people who just passed by the property and might take an interest in it?

She started using the multiple yard sign system to maximize potential buyer leads. Now, potential buyers were more likely to reach out to her team from the front of a house that they had listed.

It just opened up more opportunities for the teams’ agents.

The lesson here is to maximize every lead generation strategy that you have at your disposal before spending money on things that weren’t proven to work.

This simple system meant that Tara’s people could now spend less time looking for new business. Instead, they get more leads from a single listing than they did before.

Lesson #3 – A Like-Minded Community to Support Her

Tara says that she also benefited massively from having a community of like-minded business builders around her.

Joining REBS felt like becoming part of a new family to her. She found herself surrounded by new people who had similar interests to her. She got to talk business with those who understand what it is to be a true real estate business owner.

It was a whole new resource that she’d never had access to before. 4.22b

That community helped her to realize that it’s not just about making your real estate life better.

It’s about making your whole life better.

Tara reaches out to our community all of the time. She’s even asked me about things like wealth building strategies and whole life insurance policies.

It’s about having that support system of people that you can trust and be open with. That’s so important when you don’t know where to turn or who to ask for answers.

Lesson #4 – Happiness is an Inside Job

Working so closely with the REBS community helped Tara realize something else.

There’s no one thing or person that can solve your problems in life. We’re all unique. We all have our own needs and wants.

And we’re all susceptible to chasing the “success” that we’ve seen other people have. 

You might see a real estate team that sells 1,000 homes per year and think “I want that”.

But when you get it, you realize that it’s not what you want at all. You don’t have any time for yourself anymore.

Instead, you’re chasing somebody else’s idea of success.

You’re chasing success to find happiness.

But as Tara says, happiness is an inside job. Only you can decide what you really want from life. And it’s your happiness that your real estate business needs to serve.

 The Final Word

Tara offers us a great example of how a few little system changes can make a big difference.

She’s less focused on production than she’s been since she started her real estate business. That means she’s got more time to focus on scaling and getting the right people in place.

Plus, she’s realized that only she can define what happiness really means for her.

The Real Estate B-School team love the fact that she feels so comfortable as part of our community.

And we’d like to give you the same opportunity to benefit from our members’ experience :)

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