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Why You Have to Manage Your Real Estate Team with High Expectations

Posted by REBS Team

Your people are your number one competitive advantage. And to get the most out of them, you need to be a great boss.

But great bosses aren’t born, they’re built. You need time and the experience of overcoming challenges to help you hone your leadership skills. And that’s what puts you in a position to successfully lead a real estate team.

Leadership is service

A word not often used when talking about leadership is service. We tend to think the best leaders are served by their team.

But the opposite should be true.

manage your teamGreat leaders serve their teams by providing resources, guidance, mentorship and more. And one of the most important ways they serve is by providing clear expectations accompanied by accountability.

To truly serve your team, establish a solid workplace culture and build a successful real estate business, expectations and accountability are a must.

Great leaders know to get the most out of their people. They continually raise expectations and hold their team accountable. And their goal is to get their entire real estate team to bringing their A-game every day.

Bad turnover vs good turnover

But with this approach comes turnover. If you have the wrong person on your team, or someone who isn’t fulfilling the right role, the friction between your expectations and what they’re willing and able to do may result in turnover.

When you push to get the right people in the right seats, there will be fallout. But when this inevitably happens, ask yourself if the turnover is a good thing or a bad thing. Turnover — even good turnover — never feels good.

turnoverYou have to focus on the benefits of losing the wrong people. And you can’t let the fear prevent you from gaining more of what you want for your business.

Some may argue the turnover factor increases the effectiveness of setting expectations. It keeps the good apples performing at their peak while weeding out the bad ones. How’s that for economizing your efforts?

No matter how much turnover you have, know that a vision is achieved more quickly when everyone’s energy is focused on common goals. But you have to do the work!  

Set the bar high. Have clear expectations. Repeat the expectations often. Walk the talk. You got this.

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