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My 10 Favorite Books of All Time!

By Lars Hedenborg


My 10 Favorite Books of All Time!

Lars Hedenborg    June 1, 2020



My 10 Favorite Books of All Time!

One of the most important things you can do in life to continue learning is to read.

Reading (or listening) to books is one of the most effective ways to further your education. Any topic you can think of may easily have thousands and thousands of different authors offering their perspective and experience to whoever dares to open the pages of the books they write. Reading into topics that we enjoy keeps the information fresh in our minds.

Book number 1 - the Bible. 

Lars was saved in 2009. He stresses that the past few years, as he has gained time and money freedom, one of the things that it has allowed him to do is spend more time in the word. 

Book number 2 - Atomic Habits by James Clear

this book is quoted a lot in many of the podcast episodes you might have heard here. This book offers very good insight on how to not only get rid of bad habits, but even replace those bad habits with good ones.

Book number 3 - Man In The Mirror by Patrick Morley

Geared towards men, this book goes into solving the 24 problems that men face. 

Book number 4 - Profit First by Mike McCallowitz

Profit is a habit, not an event. Many times people get excited about one day having hopes of making a million dollars in their business. This book puts that into perspective - not that it won't happen, but in order for it TO happen, you have to have the right attitude. 

Book number 5 - Eat To Live by Joel Fuhrman

Health is just as important as systems to a team leader. This book talks about the benefits of a plant-based diet - and while it isn't trying to sell you on going vegan, it does present some compelling evidence and research for why plants are such and important part of our diets.

Book number 6 - Halftime by Bob Buford

How do you go from success to significance? We all want to leave a legacy, or be remembered for something that we did that left a mark on our community, or the world. move up some of the things you have scheduled for the fourth quarter of your life, and get started on it in the third quarter. Why wait?

Book number 7 - Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

The difference between amateurs and professionals - you'll learn how to achieve in high level in a specific area of your life. The attitude differences, work ethic differences, and things that set pros apart from rookies.

Book number 8 - Five Dysfunctions Of A Team by Patrick Lencioni 

A good book to read to apply to your business if you're a team leader. It will help you recognize issues you might have with your team, as well as what you can do to remedy them.

Book number 9 - E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

Talks about the technician, manager, entrepreneur - it seems like all of our time in real estate is consumed by being the technician, and none of it is spent being the manager or the entrepreneur. We are the one in the business that's doing all the "stuff".

"How would I think about my business differently if I had to replicate it 10,000 times"?

Book number 10 - The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley

The surprising secrets of America's wealthy - your neighbor may be a millionaire and you might never know. This book talks about the different ways that wealthy people show up and act, even blending in with the rest of us. They're successes may not be great, instead a series of small wins that put them ahead of the pack.

These books give you a good sense of Lars' foundation, and some of the systems that we put in place with members of Real Estate B-School. Your successes are our successes.

Much Love & Respect,

Lars' signature

Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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