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The Good, Bad, & Ugly: How to Increase Your Levels of Commitment

Posted by Lars Hedenborg

The people you surround yourself with have an impact on your mindset, but can they actually influence the way you approach your goals?

Where can you find like-minded individuals who can motivate you to become a better version of yourself?

Why is it important to have someone to hold you accountable each time you make a commitment?

In this episode, I talk about why you should get picky with whom you surround yourself with, and what you can do to stick to your action plan.


Three Things You'll Learn

  • There are no shortcuts to success and this is why it’s so important to make long-term commitments to your vision of success.
  • When you don’t surround yourself with the right people on a daily basis, it’s harder to be successful. There isn’t much incentive to improve when everyone around you is on the same level.
  • When you’re your own boss, you don’t have anyone who holds you accountable, which is why you need someone outside the business to help you stay committed.


Along the way, remember that mistakes aren’t always a bad thing. Building systems that make your life easier doesn’t mean that you won’t make errors or encounter setbacks. Mistakes only become bad when we stop learning from them. The goal is not perfection, but progress.

What area of your life do you need to make progress in right now? Find someone to help hold you accountable and reach out.


When growing a team there will be aches and pains, but why sacrifice your time longer than needed and in the wrong areas? REBS is here to help you grow, and grow your team, so you can get the true balance in your life back. Do you want help?

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