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Are You As Productive As You Could Be?

Joe Camarata    October 1, 2019



The majority of real estate team leaders are enslaved to their business, causing them not to be as productive as they could be.

Are you making progress towards meaningful goals that matter in life? Business isn’t the only area we should be focusing on. Your net worth also matters.

We hit a ceiling at different points in our journey because we are doing a thing that is below our pay grade.

Your frustration goes up because you are at that ceiling and you need to look at the things you are doing and let other people take them over.

The amount of distraction that can be let in through technology is through the roof. When it comes to productivity, there are no secrets. Common sense is not always common practice.

Ask yourself this question often; Are you performing at the highest level possible?

If you aren’t, then you need to find other people to do things for you better.

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