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Creating an Attitude of Gratitude in Your Real Estate Business

Lars Hedenborg    January 22, 2020



Being more intentional with our time is something I think we would all agree is an improvement we could stand to make - this is something we cover extensively in the Business Freedom Podcast. Creating an attitude of gratitude in your real estate business can hugely help us stay on top of our time commitments when we make them.

Choosing what goals and objectives you put on your plate has almost the same effect as the food you choose to put on your plate. We need to challenge ourselves to be more clear and focused on what we spend our time on just as much as what we put on our plates. 

The NUMBER 10 Productivity Strategy sounds more simple than it really is - a grateful heart. You need to create an attitude of gratitude in your work. What do I mean by that? Let’s start with a story to explain the issue:

Imagine yourself looking out at the sea. The waves are lapping at your feet, the sun is low in the sky, and the cool ocean breeze makes you wonder if you should have grabbed your jacket from the car after all. 

Imagine now that you hop on a jet ski, fueled up and ready to go. You squeeze the throttle and you’re off. Your destination? The horizon. You travel for hours and hours, and even as the sun sets, you feel as if you’ve made no progress. The horizon is an elusive, moving target - we can’t reach it, and a lot of times, our goals become that for us.

If you’re reading this blog, though, chances are you’re already in the 1% - those who aren’t content with where they are, those who yearn for more. That can be a good driver - but sometimes, we fall into a pit of never being content with where we are. That is where things can get dangerous and detrimental. Fear not, however, for there is a solution.

Turn around. 

No, don’t turn yourself around and abandon the pursuit of your goals. What I mean is, keep your jet ski pointed forward, but turn and look back at the shore. Take a look at how far you’ve come. You will never appreciate how hard you’ve worked unless you turn and look at how far you’ve come.

In Real Estate B-School, we help you master this concept by looking at a 3 year picture, coming up with a 1 year plan, and living in a 90 day world. Taking a look back helps us realize that even though we may not quite be where we want to be, we surely aren’t where we were before. When we look back, we develop that critical attitude of gratitude that helps us to be thankful for where we are and how we got here. We cannot measure our success solely by the number of homes we sell!

As you go about your week, practice looking back at 3 things you accomplish each day - even if some days you have to dig a little deeper to come up with something. As you continue to practice this, you’ll notice yourself building a sense of fulfillment, and an attitude of gratitude, that will have a profound impact on where you see yourself as a person and a leader of your company.

If you’ve achieved traditional success in your real estate business but you are still feeling lost or trapped and you don’t have a clear path to leveraged and profitable growth, in your real estate business, maybe our FREE 30-day Pilot Program is for you. I will work with you on building a sustainable & profitable real estate team that gives you true freedom.


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