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What I Learned from an Aussie Dude Named Taki

By Lars Hedenborg


What I Learned from an Aussie Dude Named Taki

Lars Hedenborg    June 1, 2020



What I Learned from an Aussie Dude Named Taki

Shift from sales/marketing focused business to one that needs to deliver a different product or service

Starting off, I figured out how to market, all sales and marketing. No back end, no assistance, how can the experience be amazing? You have to shift from Sales and marketing to the back end/infrastructure. How does the client experience YOU?
Sales and marketing are what get you off the ground. Putting in the work at the start will grow your business, but what sets you apart and allows you to truly get ahead in the game Is setting yourself apart from your competitors. You have to find a market and settle in it before you can understand how to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.
Most team leaders never make this shift.

Value, Articulation, Value Contribution, Value Belief

We have to get over the hump in terms of knowing our worth in business
Value Articulation – You have to spell out what you want your business to provide. Know what you want to do that will set you apart from the competition, and intentionally set goals and standards for yourself.
Contribute that value – your operations has to provide the value. You have to hold your team accountable, and make sure they can deliver the things you’ve promised to your clients. This takes skill, but when you train your team appropriately, this is where you get to step out and watch what happens.
Value Belief – believe that you’re worth it. Believe that your business can deliver what you say it can deliver.

Alex Charfen – What Got you here will kill you moving forward

All the things you keep on your plate – your inability to know what is important and delegate + elevate.
If you want to elevate, you have to be able to delegate what you don’t want to do to your team – you prepared them for this.
The grind, while noble and effective from the get-go, ultimately has some serious detrimental effects on you going forward. If you worked tirelessly on weekends and through holidays, sacrificing sleep and time with your family to get where you are, congratulations. You’ve put in the work! But, what is more important to us as we take you to the next level, is getting you on track to delegate the work you take on to others. This will help you get the rest you need, spend time with your loved ones, and ultimately prepare you mentally to be a good leader.


Much Love & Respect,

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