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How to Convert Leads at the Highest Level - Part 1

By Lars Hedenborg


How to Convert Leads at the Highest Level - Part 1

Lars Hedenborg    July 27, 2020



This week, Dan Jones is going to school us on lead management and conversion.

I met Dan when he moved to Charlotte and joined my Real Estate team. He joined Real Estate B-School in 2014 and in a couple years he had an administrator and was doing 60+ transactions. Last year, his team did almost 300 transactions.

Today, we’re talking about lead conversion and management - perhaps one of the sexiest topics in the entire business of real estate. Kidding aside, it may not be the most fun thing to talk about - but if you’re not good at it, real estate is going to be very difficult for you.

One thing that Dan has gone super deep with in his business is scripts and training. That’s where the rubber meets the road - and we have to be really good at it if we want to get anywhere.

Dan has been making prospecting dials since he was 2 years old. It’s the one thing he guarantees: If you and your team can do prospecting calls at a high level, it will make your life better.

Dan took everything he learned from Real Estate B-School and simplified it. There’s no reason to complicate Real Estate. In 2015 we took a leap of faith - and decided to focus on ONE lead source and go crazy deep. The two words he focused on were ‘Simplify’ and ‘Consistency’.

Going deep on the one lead source worked well for Dan - and after processes and systems were in place, he was able to add another lead source in 2016 and jump to 175 deals.

Some people think they need a few or even a dozen lead sources. Spreading your resources out over dozens of lead sources will not help you much - it’s about going deep with what you have. The next year, Dan went deeper on his 2 lead sources instead of adding new ones. As a result, he saw 225 deals through.

Two things to ask yourself:

  • If you took your SOI and PC out of your GCI numbers, THEN measured your ROI for marketing sources, what would your numbers look like? What is your TRUE ROI?
  • How are you converting and managing leads, appointments and signings as a team?

If you’re an agent on your team or you have agents on your team who don’t take the scripts and training seriously, people around you will feel that and be affected by it. Your team is only as strong as its weakest link - and C-level talent will run A-level talent out the door. 

Creating and maintaining a culture and an atmosphere of good work ethic and surrounding yourself with people who know what they’re doing is difficult, but when you have done it, you create the perfect space for your team to thrive.

The easiest advice that Dan gives is to keep everything simple. It takes repetition, dedication and determination. And everyone needs to be buying into the same scripts. The market will shift eventually - we have to be better at cooperating and coordinating if we want to stay ahead.

Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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