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How to Convert Leads at the Highest Level - Part 2

By Lars Hedenborg


How to Convert Leads at the Highest Level - Part 2

Lars Hedenborg    July 29, 2020



One of the biggest things Dan started doing in 2016 was recording all of his training calls. This makes it really easy for a new team member to go back through and watch/listen to all the older content and pick up on things \ much quicker. This is a resource to refer back to if they have questions or need to review something.

If you’re not doing that, it’s important to start. There are plenty of free or inexpensive apps and services  that you can use for recording , as well as services to store your recordings such as Dropbox like Dan uses. 

Lead management policy is a whole conversation in itself. How many texts and phone calls will happen within a certain amount of time? How do you manage the leads that come into your world, and what happens if you can’t convert them within a certain amount of time?

If you don’t document things, how can you expect your team to know what to do all the time? If they have nothing to go back and reference, that just opens the door for miscommunication and for you to be let down. 

Tracking is a pillar or a structure of a business. If you don’t know how many appointments are set, how many leads you’re getting, how many your agents are getting, your dials - if you don’t know those numbers, start tracking them. The best time to start tracking your numbers was when you started your business, the second best time is now. 

Tracking is the foundation of every business. One of the simplest ways that it brings clarity to your business is showing you what you need to work on. Tracking your numbers is like putting a tire into water - it shows you where any leaks are. 

Right on par with tracking is accountability. It’s great to track your numbers, but you also need to make sure you’re holding your team accountable to their commitments. Set, Met, Signed, is a great metric to hold your team accountable to, and it’s simple.

Every appointment has a protocol for what happens afterwards. This is the same for every client. Do you see a pattern? The key is once you have systems in place, each conversation becomes easier because you know which things to do at every step of the process. 

Dan wants every person he and his team work with to be loyal, so he gets paperwork signed as much as possible. He also makes sure to set the next appointment before the buyer or seller leaves the first appointment. The important thing is to have clients committing to time with you and associating you with their commitments and as a person who can get the job done. 

You also want to make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself or your agents with leads. Once you master this, you’re going to be more concerned with managing how many leads you have rolling in versus looking for new leads in the first place!

Each lead you generate needs to be treated the same - from nurturing to conversion to delivery - ultimately, the goal is to make them be your best marketing strategy through recommendations and reviews. Make all your clients into raving fans of yours with your service!


Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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