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8 Things You Need to Know to Crush Your Goals - Part 1

Lars Hedenborg    December 10, 2019



Today we continue the series we are in about crushing our goals - and this episode we will cover some of the 8 things you need to crush the goals you have set for yourself. (If you still don’t have clear goals, fill out an application here and see if you qualify to work with us to create some)

Having clear goals is very important in the minds of those in positions of leadership. (If you’re reading this, that’s probably you.) When you have a picture of your goals in your head, you’re a lot less prone to setbacks - because in the midst of the hard times, you realize that it doesn’t change where you want to end up when all is said and done.

not having clear goals is like walking in the fog.






8 things you need to know in order to crush your goals.


Put your life first.

It’s rare to see in what we do here at Real Estate B-School, when someone has put their life first. It’s rare because it seems counterintuitive - you want to succeed in business, so you naturally want to put your business first, right? What we are saying is that your business has to come second to your own life - because one way or another, it will be. 

If you put your business before your life, you’re also putting it before your health, your kids, your spouse, your friends, fun, mental wellbeing, all of it. With that, if you start to struggle in those things, you’re never going to feel fulfilled. Your life needs to come first.

You have to orient your business to support your life, not your life supporting your business.


Growth is hard.

In April, Lars committed to losing weight.  Down from 224 to 193, he’s almost met his goal, but he has had to make sacrifices to get there. Choosing different things to give up, seeing if it will help him get to where he needs to be, trying new things, pushing his limits in workouts, and choosing time to sacrifice towards the achievement of the goal - None of it has been a walk in the park, and it shouldn’t be.


Have a ‘Franchise Mindset’

How would you think about your business differently if you had to open 10,000 locations?

Think of the things you couldn’t do if you had to be in charge of that massive amount of locations, and put yourself in that space. You could still be in operations if that’s what you enjoy doing, but with this mindset, the team doesn’t revolve around you - just your systems.


You must become a Productivity Warrior

In the context of achieving big things, to take your business to the next level, you have to get clear on the things you need to do every quarter in order to get there. One of the best things about being a business owner, we get to say where we are at different times. We have a direct say on what we do and where we are. 


As a leader, we have freedom to do what we want, but with that comes a lot of responsibility. 

Stay tuned for the next episode where we will continue our list of the 8 things you need to know to crush your goals!


We hope you enjoyed this episode of The Business Freedom Podcast. 

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