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4 Principles to Building a Profitable Real Estate Team (PART 3 of 4)

Lars Hedenborg    November 5, 2019



In PART 1and PART 2 I talked about beginning with the end in mind and sticking with the model. We should know where we are going by drawing a line in the sand and saying, “From this point forward the next three years are going to look like..., and I am going to take these steps intentionally, even if they’re hard”.


Part 3: Don't Chase Growth

As a team leader you should know all of the numbers in your business. Build a three year plan that breaks down by year, quarter, and by week so you can run your team the most efficient way without having your hand in every area. 

Three Things You'll Learn

  1. Weekly Scorecard: Have 5-15 data points that you can track on a weekly basis to know that your business is healthy.

  2. Agent Productivity: How many conversations are your agents having? How many sets and how many mets. This will help with overall profitability and lead efficiency.

  3. Marketing ROI: Make sure to track everything you spend money on so you can make better aligned decisions on where your money is going.

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