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This is the Time to Grow Your Team - the Right Way!

By Lars Hedenborg


This is the Time to Grow Your Team - the Right Way!

Lars Hedenborg    May 29, 2020



We're wrapping up a 4-part series on how to grow your business. One of the common factors in the clients we work with is that when they start, they don't have the time or the money to do what they really want to do. And that's where we come in. We aim to help get back their time and money by rebuilding their businesses to ones that serve them, rather than enslave them.

There's a right way and a wrong way to grow your team - and I want to spend some time today going through that. If you don't grow your team, you won't have the ability to actually enjoy your life - instead, you'll be working the whole time. 

You don't have to go to managing 50 people on your team - you might be scared of what it looks like to manage that many people and the overhead costs. But, it doesn't actually take as many people as you think to run a large-scale business if you set it up the right way. 

When it comes to growing your team, there are 3 things to focus on:

1. Identify and attract true talent

If you have a team with people on it that you don't love and care about, you're shoulder to shoulder with the wrong people. You have to surround yourself with people that you want to help win - in business and in life. 

Once you know what you want, you can easily go after it!

2. Hire & onboard new talent

You have to have a written, step-by-step processes for onboarding. You have to have a plan for interviews - we use 2 in-person interviews, called a skills assessment. If the act of calling people is a prerequisite to being on your team, ideally you can see someone do it before you actually hire them.

9 times out of 10 a leader will bring someone onto their team who has no sales experience, never had a phone position before, and they're new to real estate. We're in a time where good real estate agents are looking for a place to fit in under a well-run real estate team.

3. Cadence and culture of the team

Do you have a culture of productivity and of performance on your team? You can't really succeed at a high level unless you're running a daily huddle - keeping extreme accountability is important. What did your agents do yesterday? Do they keep track of who they called, what they got done, where they're stuck?

I've always found it helpful to get laser focused for 50 minutes, followed by a break for 10. That's what a culture of productivity looks like. You have to own the culture that you're following, even if it's just you. 


Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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