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What Habit Stacking Has Allowed Me to Achieve in a Year

By Lars Hedenborg


What Habit Stacking Has Allowed Me to Achieve in a Year

Lars Hedenborg    May 21, 2020



As we dismount from this six-part series on goal achievement, we gracefully transition into the topic of changing things in your life, and the way that you show up. It's called habit stacking - and today we talk about what 'habit stacking' has allowed me to achieve in the past year. 

This list boils down to six major habits I've been able to keep for the past year. Eventually, you will learn to quit tracking them because they will be so ingrained in who you are, that it won't matter to keep track of them anymore. They become you!

Habit number 1

Drink a gallon of water a day. Water is an untapped medicine that a lot of people neglect. Drinking a gallon of it a day can seriously help with a lot of things that you might not even realize. 

Habit number 2

A 'meadow report' with my wife. A 30 minute uninterrupted amount of time where you just download each other's days.

Habit number 3

Read the Bible for 30 minutes every day. Spending time in the word of God is a great way to gain perspective on life and find answers you didn't even know you were looking for.

Habit number 4

Meditate for 15 minutes. you can use an app, or you can just spend time and thought, but spending this time meditating is very important for clearing your head and allowing you to think things through properly.

Habit number 5

Gratitude. Basically a journal that you can fill out in 5 minutes, this is a really good way to go back through and look at things in your life as they happened and see what you were thinking one, three, five weeks ago. It's a good way to gather your thoughts and reflect.

Habit number 6

Workout for 45 minutes. Physical exercise is a great stimulant and a great way to release energy in a way that is productive for your body. You keep yourself strong, avoid potential health problems in the future, and get a little bit of a mental break all in one fell swoop.

Trying to begin all of those habits at the same time might seem like a nightmare. That's why, instead of taking it all on at once, we simply pick one habit up at a time - adopting a new one when we get into the rhythm of the one before.

Much Love & Respect,

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