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Where Hiring Goes Wrong

By Lars Hedenborg


Where Hiring Goes Wrong

Lars Hedenborg    July 22, 2020



Leveraging your business through people is one of the most painful and frustrating tasks you can take on in your business - but it also gives you the most opportunity for growth and freedom. I don’t care if you’re hiring a single administrator, or you have a team of 20 people - to be successful as a business owner, this is one area we need to get super clear on. 

This is not an area I had any natural inclination towards. I failed over and over and over again. So everything I share with you is out of love and respect for you, and hoping that you won’t make the same mistakes that I did.

When my wife and I wanted to hire someone to help out in our home, we would have someone come in for an interview, they would throw up a couple red flags that you could seemingly ignore, and then when you hire them, you get a couple months down the road and you aren’t satisfied. 

The first mistake we make when hiring someone is that we want so badly to be right. We want so badly to believe that they can come into our world and do the job and alleviate the stress and the pain that you’re experiencing, that you’re willing to flex a little with your standards. 

In my house, we had laundry I liked done a certain way, my wife had some things that she wanted done here and there, and this is true of real estate team leaders as well - 85% of agents don’t even have an administrator, and they spend some of their time doing the job that an administrator could do for much less money. 

Let’s say you’re hiring an administrator - if you run a real process, you have a lot of people to choose from. If you hire someone who is a friend of a friend, you’re not doing a skills assessment, you’re not hiring from a pool of a hundred people.

You need to have a system in place to give yourself the opportunity to hire someone who is a good fit for the position. 

Two team leaders I interviewed in the last episode were looking to hire administrators. They looked for 2 people, and they both joined the team. 2 for 2. There was no process there! Our team is closer to 100 to 2 - 100 people want to join, 2 are allowed into our world. 

Be really clear how you want things (have super clear expectations).

In my house, we have really high standards. I like living in what feels like a hotel - clean sweep of the house, exterior looks good, things turned over, constant refreshing going on all the time. That’s just what I want - so, knowing what we want, we can build a really detailed checklist. 

One of the reasons the person we hired for help around the house didn’t work out was because we didn’t enforce a strong cadence. Sometimes that means conversations once a week about what’s working and what’s not working. If we all did that with the people in our world, you would have a voice and they would have a voice. There wouldn’t be the need for a come to Jesus meeting. 

I’ve failed a hundred times in this area. So take it from me, hiring the right person can be one of the most difficult processes, but it can easily be one of the most rewarding things you can do as well.


Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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