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Taking a Holistic Approach to Your Business - Part 2

By Lars Hedenborg


Taking a Holistic Approach to Your Business - Part 2

Lars Hedenborg    August 12, 2020



A theme in this week’s episodes is this: “When we focus on things that don’t matter, we lose sight of the things that do.” What we measure, we focus on, and what we focus on expands. One of the things Dave focused on in his business was sales - and his focus on that aspect of his business got him from 0-50 sales, but that same focus wouldn’t carry him from 50 to 150.

In western culture, Richard Swenson says we focus most of our efforts and measurables around our career. It’s what makes us feel good - it gives us an identity. But The reality is, that there are other aspects of our lives that will suffer if we focus all our efforts on our careers. 

Family, faith, rest, nutrition, etc. tend to suffer when we focus too heavily on the things that really shouldn’t matter as much. 

If I’m not rested, if I’m not eating well, if I’m not in a good place with my spouse, of course that is going to affect how I show up in my business. Doesn’t it make sense, then, to put a measurable around taking care of ourselves?

Just because you have a ton of sales, doesn’t mean you have a healthy business. A healthy business sees ALL focus areas equally. This means focus areas like your physical health, your spirituality, your relationships with your family and kids, as WELL as your sales and profits. A company with strong sales and weak operations will have a bunch of people coming in the front door and leaving out the back door. A business with strong operations will have the opposite problem - too many customer service agents waiting around ready to provide a great experience for customers who aren’t there.

We have to change our mindsets when it comes to our business. Does it serve us, or do we serve it? There is an order to things - and at first, it makes sense that all our attention is on sales. When you learn that operations and finance are just as critical to your success, you have to dive in and measure them differently.

The business is built on ourselves. That’s not to say that the business is built on YOU, but rather, built around the people that run it and having their interests at the core of the structure. If you neglect a house, and don’t fix the foundation, it’ll come down when there’s trouble. In the same way, if you don’t have a strong business foundation, it’ll come down when there’s trouble. 

Now what would it look like to measure your business growth, not by the amount of people in your business, but by the growth of the people in the business already?

As business owners, we have to improve our accountability with our team so that we can enrich their experiences. Agents with improved accountability perform better and tend to reach their goals more often than the agents that don’t have any kind of tracking or accountability.

Be sure to watch the video HERE to see the charts and statistics Dave talks about in this episode!

Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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