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REAL LIFE - How I've FAILED as a Husband

Brent Doolittle    November 7, 2019



Let’s get a little personal. For the first blog of what I’ve deemed ‘Real Life week’ here on the Business Freedom Podcast, we are talking about how I’ve failed as a husband. Why, you ask? One of the most important takeaways from this how the way we show up in these personal, private areas of our lives tends to mirror how we show up in our professional, public lives.

Think about this: If you take a step back and recognize your flaws in your relationship with your spouse, how might those show up in the way you lead your team? 

A common way people find themselves falling short in their relationships is having very high standards. Are you compensating for something in your past that causes you to hold yourself to a higher level of scrutiny? In some cases, holding yourself to a high standard will inspire people who want to strive for achievements and success alongside you and need a challenge. The downside, though, is that if your standards are too high, you let yourself down more often. 


Our relationships also tend to suffer when we always think we have the right answer. If you can’t be humble enough to admit that you don’t know something or that you’re not confident in your own ability to answer something fully or in an unbiased way, it actually shows weakness. We have to trust that others have the ability to use their God-given talents and know what they are doing as well.

As a team leader or business owner, we see the risk we take, and sometimes it makes us forget about our team and their contribution. We have to remember how we got where we are, why we chose the people we chose to be on our team, or why they chose us, take responsibility, and make it worth their while. We are called to love and serve our team in the same way we love and serve our spouse. Lastly, we take too much for granted. Our relationships. Our team members. Our success. This is another thing we have to step back and think about - are we treating everyone in our lives with respect and being thankful for their contribution to our well-being? Lars mentions how his wife, who runs her own podcast, is a strong, capable woman who he is thankful every day for. 

This emphasizes how we should always be on top of our game in terms of productivity - mastering our mornings, dominating our days and being as productive as we can be are only the first steps on the road to appreciation of what we have, and inevitably, succeeding in our goals. 


We hope you enjoyed this episode of The Business Freedom Podcast. 

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