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How to Become More Resilient in Your Real Estate Journey w/Joey Torkildson

Lars Hedenborg    November 5, 2019



One of the biggest reasons so many people fail in real estate is a lack of resilience to get through the inevitable rejections and other challenges they will face.

How can you build up your resilience so that you can bounce back when things don’t go your way?

If you want to turn your real estate job into a true business, what does it take to do that?

In this episode, Joey Torkildson shares what his experience in the military and in business taught him about mental fitness and resilience.

"Until you’re willing to go through the rejection of the sales process, none of the other business stuff matters." -Joey Torkildson


Three Things You'll Learn From Joey Torkildson


The one thing successful people consistently do (05:29 - 07:25)

One of the biggest distinguishers of people who succeed and fail is just showing up everyday and building momentum. Make a lot of connections everyday, and build up your pipeline and your database, and persist even when it’s challenging.

Why agents must be mentally fit to make it in this industry (12:07 - 14:00)

One of the things we don’t do well in our business is developing and training resilient people because that’s the thing people need more than anything else. You’re going to have challenges and bad moments, but you need to be able to bounce back, not break. Building mental fitness is one of the most important skills in a real estate agent.

The importance of consistently being around the right people (18:44 - 19:55)

Level up the people you associate yourself with. Negative people can drag you down, so make sure you’re clear that the people you spend time with are a positive influence, not a negative.


If we develop our mental fitness, the highs and lows of real estate business won’t derail us from our goals. In order to become more resilient, we need to be more self-aware, more self-regulated, and optimistic. We must have mental agility and faith in the strengths of our character. Connect with people by building strong relationships, having empathy, and being willing to ask for help. The business itself isn’t complicated. If we master ourselves, the rest becomes easier.


When growing a team there will be aches and pains, but why sacrifice your time longer than needed and in the wrong areas? REBS is here to help you grow, and grow your team, so you can get the true balance in your life back. Do you want help?



About Joey Torkildson: Joey is an agent at Herg Group North Suburban, he’s also a team coach and trainer. Go to https://joeytork.kw.com/ for more information.

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