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How to Build a Team of 6-Figure Agents & Hone Your Lead Sources and Tools w/Fred Holmes

Posted by Lars Hedenborg

When growing our team, many ideas, tools, and lead sources are thrown our way. It can be easy to end up trying too many things at once.

How do we avoid falling prey to "shiny object syndrome"?

How do we make sure our business doesn’t outgrow us?

Why should we be more cautious with our activities in a low-price market?

On this episode Fred Holmes, the COO of the Tami Holmes team, shares on some of the key lessons he’s learned as the business has grown.

"One of the mistakes we made was trusting too much and going for too long with too many things, rather than demanding an immediate return from our marketing." -Fred Holmes


Three Things You'll Learn From Fred Holmes


Why smaller teams aren’t necessarily easier to run

At first, Fred and his wife didn’t want to grow a team. They wanted to keep things simple and small because they thought it would be easier. As time went on, they discovered that small actually isn’t easier, and it just means the leaders are doing everyone’s tasks.

How to get new staff up and running faster

One of the most effective things Fred and his team were able to do was to document their basic processes and develop a small manual. It meant that when it came time to leverage, their assistant was able to become independently functional very quickly.

How to avoid committing to the wrong marketing and lead generation tools

As a real estate agents, you’re probably marketed to heavily, and every new offering claims to be the thing that will work. The problem with this is that you may tend to take on too many platforms at once, and never get the chance to really hone one and make it work for you.


Opening Quote-8   

Agents are constantly being sold on new tools, tactics and lead sources, only to end up wasting money and achieving nothing. It’s easy to end up in dire straits financially when we’re constantly getting into business with many different platforms. To avoid this, we have to build a nimble organization. We can’t commit to something for a long period of time if it’s not working.

We have to let the correct tools actually work for us, and that means really going deep and honing it so that we get the best out of it. Ultimately, we learn that we don’t have to try too many things at once when one or two is enough to support our business.


When growing a team there will be aches and pains, but why sacrifice your time longer than needed and in the wrong areas? REBS is here to help you grow, and grow your team, so you can get the true balance in your life back. Do you want help?

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About Fred Holmes: Fred is the COO of Tami Holmes Real Estate Experts, a team he runs with his wife. Go to https://www.tami-holmes.com for more information.

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