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How to Focus on What Matters Most with Human Performance Expert Jairek Robbins

Lars Hedenborg    November 5, 2019



When asked to rank the most important things in life, most business owners will list family as their top priority.

However, do their actions reflect this when they’re with their families?

How can you make sure you’re giving your family as much attention and quality time as they deserve?

On this episode, performance coach Jairek Robbins shares how you can put your love into practice.


Three Things You'll Learn from Jairek Robbins

  • Actions are important, so be intentional. If you believe that your family is the most important thing in your life, show it through your actions.

  • Give yourself clarity. Having a routine such as a cold shower when you come home can help you reset your brain and allow you to optimize your time with family

  • If you want to perform optimally, you need to take pauses along the way to refuel. To make sure these are fruitful, go into them knowing what you need.


Far too many people believe they need to force themselves to work harder in order to be successful. While success requires hard work, you also need to consider what your priorities are. Work with those in mind, and maintain your focus in every area of your life. Establish routines that will optimize your performance at home, at work, and with everything else important to you.


When growing a team there will be aches and pains, but why sacrifice your time longer than needed and in the wrong areas? REBS is here to help you grow, and grow your team, so you can get the true balance in your life back. Do you want help?


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