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How to Recognize and Solve “People Issues” on Your Team

Posted by Lars Hedenborg

“People issues” are always going to be an issue if you are running a real estate team. And if you let them, these "issues" will eat you alive.

How can you learn to spot problems before they arise?

Once you notice issues are developing, what can you do?

On this episode, I explain some of the issues you may not know how to deal with, and how you can solve them before they become detrimental to your business.

Three Things You'll Learn

  • Ensure you have the right person in the right seat, but also continue to give them the attention and accountability they require.

  • If you have the right person in the wrong seat, coach them and check in on them. Help them realize that the position they’re in is not suited to them.

  • If you notice you have the wrong person and they’re in the wrong seat, it’s better to remove them as soon as possible. The wrong person in the wrong seat is more damaging than not hiring anyone at all.


One thing that remains constant across the board is that people bring a host of issues, regardless of their industry. However, it’s not something we should fight or try to avoid. Human beings are imperfect and that should be embraced. Just make sure you’re proactively dealing with problems before they arise.


When growing a team there will be aches and pains, but why sacrifice your time longer than needed and in the wrong areas? REBS is here to help you grow, and grow your team, so you can get the true balance in your life back. Do you want help?

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