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How to Stand Out in a Sea of Real Estate Agents w/Ray Wood

Lars Hedenborg    November 5, 2019



When it comes to your real estate business, how can you start differentiating yourself and truly stand out from the crowd?

What can you do to make sure clients choose you over the other options out there?

On this episode, I with the co-founder of Jigglar.com, Ray Wood. As the author of How to Sell Your Home for More, Ray has stellar advice on how to set yourself apart and see fantastic results.

Three Things You'll Learn

  • Get your name out there and start building relationships. Don’t give any potential client the chance to say they didn’t know about you.

  • Send impactful pre-listing packs to the people in your market

  • Cultivate a winning mindset, and minimize procrastination


The real estate industry is saturated with professionals dreaming of making their mark. You need to cut through the noise if you want clients to do business with you. Set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd. Stay optimistic and minimize procrastination. You need a great mindset before you can show clients you’re the best in the business.


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Guest Bio-

Ray Wood is a fourth-generation real estate agent. The Australian-born, Canada-based professional is known in the industry as a marketing expert, coach, speaker and podcaster. He’s also the bestselling author of How to Sell Your Home for More. With a rich family history in real estate, Ray is passionate about teaching others how to get ahead in the industry. This entrepreneur is the founder of Bestagents, and co-founder of Jigglar.com.

To find out more about Ray, listen to his podcast: www.topagentsplaybook.com

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