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Learn How Justin Udy's Long Term Vision Helped Him to Rapidly Scale His Real Estate Business!

Joe Camarata    September 11, 2019



Justin got into real estate in 2005, and had a great first year in real estate. He felt really lucky as far as money and business results, but he needed to transition his business into something that would allow him to get back to his family and spiritual life. He was leaving for work before his kids woke up, and got home once they were already in bed. The amount of hours he was working was aging him mentally and physically.

Justin made massive changes in his business. He started creating simple systems to free up his time. He grew his team, and learned by hiring an assistant and creating intake forms he gained an extra day in each week.

He also hired a listing agent to help take more work off his plate. Justin holds productive weekly meetings to keep his team accountable and make sure no time was wasted. He started to design his business around his life, instead of designing his life around his business. 

Justin now runs a team of 3 staff members and 4 agents closing around 200 sales. He has reclaimed time with his family, and now has a happy and healthy lifestyle and isn't close to burnout.

We hope you enjoyed this episode on The Business Freedom Podcast. 

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