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Key Mindset Shifts to Become a True Business Owner

Lars Hedenborg    December 10, 2019



It’s easy to fall into a rut as a real estate agent where you’re good at something and you want to stay comfortable - but what would it look like if you could shift your mindset to look like that of a true business owner?

Be sure to listen to the previous two episodes first, by the way - Will you have regrets and the 2-part ‘8 things you need to know’ podcasts. They’re important prerequisites. Tony Robbins says 80% of your success in business comes down to the mindset you have about something, leaving the other 20% to the actual methods you use to achieve success.


Take weight loss for example. You can know all the right workouts, you can know what exactly to eat, what muscle groups to work on what day, what things to stay away from, etc. However, the more powerful factor in that scenario is not the food you eat or what you do, rather, it’s about the mindset you have when you do it all. If you have the right psychology about it all, you’ll surely succeed, but if you don’t, it will get to you. 

Lars adopted the mindset of a healthy lifestyle after his journey through gaining and losing weight over and over again - once he completed his goal, he let down his guard. He felt like he had accomplished the goal and that there was nothing left to do - but that was not the case. In order to keep the weight off, and maintain his body weight, he had to keep putting in the work. 

It might be helpful to keep a journal and to take it slowly from the start, because this is the kind of change you want to make for good.  

Let go of certain limiting beliefs regarding your business. The business of real estate itself is not complicated - rather it is the mindset of building a business that will serve YOU that can feel overwhelming at times. 


Think about these questions:

What are your fears when it comes to building a leveraged business? Do you really think it’s possible?


What limiting beliefs do you have regarding time and money? Do you feel that they are a trade-off?


Describe some of your frustrations regarding your people? Do you feel they are capable of running & growing your company?


Do you believe your personal brand can operate without you? Do your clients want YOU or the standard of services you provide?


Think about the level of service you provide today and if others can provide a higher level of service.

Describe your current sales management structure. What do you feel are your current limitations?


What action steps can you take today to break through these limitations?



We hope you enjoyed this episode of The Business Freedom Podcast. 

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