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Achieve Massive Results by Shifting Your Identity

By Lars Hedenborg


Achieve Massive Results by Shifting Your Identity

Lars Hedenborg    August 19, 2020



What do you do if you’re not achieving at the level that you want in the area of life that’s important to you?

I can’t say that I’ve figured it out for every area of my life. I’ve definitely got it down for business, wealth building, I’m getting better in my marriage, I’m achieving for my physical body with workouts but not so much my diet - but the common denominator is that it’s about shifting our identity to achieve these massive results. 

The best example of what I mean by this is that I decided I was going to run a marathon. I’m a hard charging, goal driven guy who wants big obstacles and a challenge. In 2015, I decided to do a marathon. The first thing I did was start researching  training plans for marathon runners. My goal was under 4 hours - which isn’t super fast, but I wasn’t a runner at the time at all. 

I trained. I followed the plan laid out in a day-by-day, week-by-week format. I just… did it. The plan made it easy for me to look at where I was, and do what I was supposed to do for that time. Race day came, and I was ready. There were 4 of us running together at mile 6. One of us made the comment that we might be going a little too fast. 

When you get out there, you’re super excited. You have to pace yourself, though, or you blow it at the start - and that’s what happened to me. I ended up finishing at 4 hours and 19 minutes with NOTHING left. 

After that marathon, I quit running. The whole reason I signed up for that marathon was so that I could get in shape. I didn’t run for a whole year after that marathon, and I only worked out probably 2 times a week as well. 

The point was, my goal was to run the marathon. I did it. What I didn’t do, however, was shift my identity to someone who is fit, or a runner. This book called atomic habits clarified a lot for me - so I’d recommend you read it as well - In the book, he talks about the only way to have a sustainable result (that continues over time) is to have a goal that is open ended. 

If I had set the goal and shifted my identity to becoming a runner, the marathon would have just been a thing that I would have done - and not the ultimate goal. It hit me hard - I’ve been doing this in different areas of my business as well. We’ve been talking about the shift in identity here on the podcast for a while, going from Real Estate Agent to Owner or Team Leader. 

In order to build a business that’s sustainable, that has its own life, that can run without you in the middle of it, you have to make that shift. What would have to be true about my identity in this business for it to run without me?

I want you to think about areas of your life where you’re not performing how you want. In those areas, have you made a shift in your identity?


Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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