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How To Stop 'Got A Minute Meetings' As A Real Estate Team Leader

Joe Camarata    October 23, 2019



Let's say you're making that transition as a real estate team leader from a busy top producing agent to hiring an administrator. You brought in a few buyer agents and were able to get them up and running to being productive, and they're selling 2-3 homes a month. You’re still in production and managing them while in that messy middle transition, but you have a nice ecosystem up and running to help serve you.

One thing that will kill your dreams and productivity is your team needing you for all the little things stopping you from moving forward. Having a team of people to help run your business is going to add complexity to your communication. 

The only way to stomp those “Got a minute meeting” requests out is to clearly discuss with your team all expectations and concerns in a team meeting where everyone is together, whether physically or virtually. 

The solution to this mess comes down to a cadence of communication that will have your team consistently on the same page. The things that are truly “Got a minute meetings” will minimize as you train your agents to solve their own problems. Then you can structurally set up time blocks in your office to meet with individuals from your team and help clear up any other issues.

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